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  • Little Wing

    Well she's walking through the clouds With a circus mind that's running round Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairy tales That's all she ever thinks about Riding with the wind When I'm sad, she comes to me With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free It's alright she says it's alright Take anything you want from me, anything Anything. Fly on little wing, Yeah yeah, yeah, little win

  • Round Here

    (George Michael) My daddy got here on the gravy train I guess my mama had a real bad start to the game They went walking and she took his name Round here There was dancing in the afternoons those days Waiting tables, chasing girls with the money he made It was 1957, and love felt the same, love felt the same Frightened little girl, she makes a break Into the arms of... something better Round here I hear my mama call in Kingsbury Park Just me and David and a football that...

  • Amazing

    (George Michael/Jon Douglas) I was mixed up when you came to me Too broke to fix Said 'daddy get you gone, I'm missing my baby' Still missing my baby... I was stitched up by the hands of fate Said how you gonna make it on your own If luck is a lady? Maybe luck is a lady I was going down for the third time My heart was broken, I was not open to your suggestions I had so many questions That you just kissed away Tell me, I guess that cupid was in disguise The day you walked...