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  • Oscary 2015: "Ida" z Oscarem!

    "Ida" w reżyserii Pawła Pawlikowskiego otrzymała nagrodę Akademii w kategorii "najlepszy film nieanglojęzyczny"! Największym triumfatorem oscarowej gali okazał się "Birdman", który zdobył cztery statuetki.

  • Thora Birch i Juliette Lewis jako siostry

    Thora Birch ( "Bunkier" , "Ghost World" ) i Juliette Lewis ( "Desperaci" , "Nigdy więcej" ) połączą swe siły na planie niezależnego dreszczowca "Silence Becomes You", który przygotowuje Stephanie Sinclaire (producentka filmu "The Dance of Shiva").

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  • Sixteen Saltines

    She's got stickers on her locker And the boy's number's there in magic marker I'm hungry and the hunger will linger I eat sixteen saltine crackers then I lick my fingers Well every morning I deliver the news Black hat white shoes and I'm red allover She's got a big mailbox, that she puts up front Garbage in garbage out, she's getting what she wants Who's jealous who's jealous who's jealous who's jealous of who? If I get busy then I couldn't care less what you do But when I'm by myself I...

  • I'm Shakin'

    Yeah, when you touch my hand and talk sweet talk I got a knockin' in my knees and a wobble in my walk And I'm tremblin' That's right, you got me shakin' When you take me in your arms and talk romance My heart starts doin' that Saint Vitus dance And I'm pantin' Oh, and I'm shakin' Early in the morning time Late in the middle of the night Whenever this chill comes over me I wanna hug you with all of my might That's right and I'm sweatin' Oh, yeah you got me shakin' Mm, you got me sweatin' Oh,...

  • If I Had Eyes

    If I had eyes in the back of my head I would have told you that you looked good as I walked away And if you could've tried to trust the hand that fed You would've never been hungry, but you'd never really be The more of this or less of this or is there any difference or are we just holding onto the things we don't have anymore Sometimes time doesn't heal No not at all It just stands still While we fall In or out of love again I doubt I'm gonna win you back When you've got...