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  • Siedem sekund Wesley'a Snipesa

    Wesley Snipes ( "Zasady walki" , "Blade - Wieczny łowca II" ) zagra w filmie "7 Seconds", nad którym pracuje Simon Fellows ("Blessed", "Malice in Sunderland"). Autorem scenariusza opowieści jest Martin Wheeler.

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  • Rocking Music (Sexy version)

    All the time I've been searching for new definition It is time to come back and leave behind my inhibition Ease your mind This is how I'll pretend to be in favor Take your time And relax, keep fall in this trend dancer I want you too listen to me rocking music set you free I want you too get inside rocking music ease your mind Wanna see your body groovin' on wanna see your body! Really want to rock your body Ehy eh eh.... All the time...

  • Leaving You For Me

    Im sitting here alone, what else could I have done? I cant regret cause I dont even know what I did wrong Freedom died with you Im searching for myself I wanna feel alive What about me?(echo) Leaving you for me, (what about us) Try to understand That Im only leaving you for me (Are you trying to hurt me?) Demons in my head They wont let go Hiding from the truth His strange trough his thoughts I can go exploring every corner of his soul Life has to go on You'll still find your way I wanna feel...

  • I Don't Care

    (feat. Fat Joe, Amerie) I dont care, I just wanna be yours I know I told you Id Never love you the way that I did again After all that you did to me But I got to say I dont care, I just wanna be yours And I am trying everything in my power To never ever say Please come back to me But I got to say Promised me Youd always be Youd never let me go You took the ring and All the things that came with being my girl The tragedy as I walked through that door you had your feet...