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    max morrow

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  • Tonight

    Well the sky broke in two, Found you dancing alone. then the room filled up with you, and that song we both know. About a girl who lived in a shell, and a boy washed up somewhere else. With the ocean in between, Whatever I'm through. You know I'm talking about you. Tonight, I got you where I want you. Closer I can tell you anything, You're the song that I sing. Tonight, Let the music take us over. we'll fall into forever, all is right, Cause I got you where I want you....

  • I Must Stand

    Nobody ever said life was gon' be easy But damn.. [ VERSE 1 ] Just a kid, moms died when I was seven Pops died, eleven, what's up with heaven? It's hell when you're an orphan at a early age This impressionable stage, no love breeds rage In the heart of a child who never knew his roots Looked up to pimps and to hustlers in the eel-skin boots Parkin Caddies on the sidewalk, gangsta talk Truckin diamonds and gold Rubberbands around the bankrolls Fly girls to make your head spin...